Carbon Inspirations

The company deals with the design and manufacture of epoxy, carbon fiber (carbon), aramid (kevlar) fiberglass and fiberglass laminates. Carbon fiber is increasingly used in the industry as reinforcement of high quality epoxy resin based laminates.


Carbon - Carbon Fiber

Especially used where high strength is required in combination with low weight. At the request of the customer we are able to prepare almost everything possible to produce carbon, epoxy, polyester composite. We also produce items for foreign buyers. Of course our products can be shipped to any country in the world. Carbon Inspirations works with a number of companies to provide support for carbon fiber, aramid fiber and glass mats. The materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary approvals. All our products are covered by a guarantee. For our customers we prepare the highest quality products at a reasonable price, because the most important thing for us is customer satisfaction with the quality of our product.

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